Tips for Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

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You love your sewing machine but maintaining it is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you do not plan the way to properly maintain your machine that could lead to some problems.

The question to be answered here is the different ways you can clean it without making it be too much of an effort.

Here is a simple guide to help you clean your sewing machine or embroidery machine on a regular basis and keep it running flawlessly.

1. Remove Throat Plate

The first thing you have to clean on the sewing machine is the throat plate, so remove the screws and the plate before using a small brush for cleaning. You could use compressed air; however, the brush would just give you a better feel for cleaning the machine.

2. Oil and Clean Machine

Once you are done with this, you need to oil the machine without much trouble, so raise the presser foot to get the tensed springs loose, then remove the throat plate and bobbin case.

You can clean the discs using the compressed air and remove any excess thread that is present.

This is the best way to ensure that no moisture is added to your machine and remains perfect for daily usage.

Move the nozzle of the can away from the quilting machine to at least 4 inches. Use light lubricant or oil for the machine to help the functioning, then wipe the entire exterior of the machine and clean it with a soft, clean cloth.

3. Check Presser Foot and Needle

Checking the presser foot for any problems and putting in a fresh needle is not a tough task. So before you even start a new project, check the needle and stitch a few lines so that you see that it is working properly. It is also a must that any excess oil you may have added to the machine gets wiped away with a soft cloth.

4. Keep Sewing Machine In Safe Dry Place

A big issue with maintaining a sewing machine is the worry of rust, so be sure to keep your machine in a dry place so that there is no chance of moisture playing spoil sport. It could ruin the machine and cause serious damage.

It is extremely easy to keep your sewing machine or serger clean if done on a regular basis and you can do it yourself. Try not to keep the machine without thread and a general round of oil now and then would help in the overall functioning of the machine. It is quite simple once you plan it as a monthly activity.

Most sewing machines are equipped with a complete manual to give you a clear understanding of maintenance and what you have to do to keep your machine operational for a long time. With the right care and treatment, you would be able to keep your sewing machine healthy for years.

Things To Consider When You Want To Buy The Sewing Table, sewing table

If you’re one of the many people who normally love creating crafts and sewing then you may find it very easy to have the sewing table in the house. Having the designated place for the craft table can mean you will leave the workout and not be ruined. If you’re trying to do the sewing on a dining room table, you are required to clear every material way each time you want to eat. Given that you want to move every craft item then your hobby means will become the problem and be the inconvenience to the entire family.


There are different designs of the sewing tables which are available that you can buy and you can require to think about the needs and the budget before you decide to buy one. Also, you will be required to think about a space which is available. When you don’t have the spare room where the craft table can be placed, then you are required to store your table in a room corner. It’s often the very small space which you will assign for the sewing area that is fine because there are various smaller tables which are available. You may find U shape, I shape, and L shape tables which can look the best in the house. 



If you’re fortunate to have the entire room for the sewing area, you can fit the full size of the sewing table there. This can allow you to have all the sewing and crafts at one area which can give you the perfect designs and also talents. If you’re not lucky then you’re required to look at various options for the craft table. Whichever the style of the table you choose on is supposed to have enough working space and also the arm’s length of the sewing supplies.

3 Ways to Machine Embroider, embroidery machines

Machine embroidery can appear frightening at first, but a process is equally straightforward. If you have ever use the particular embroidery machine, then you may set and create a design with a push of some buttons. Using the standard sewing machine need more skill, precision, and time, but here are three ways to machine embroider. brother innov bp3500 embroidery machine



Preparing the Fabric

You are required to have to iron a fabric where you will be needed to start with the structure which has no creases or wrinkles in it. You need to use the iron to rid material of different lines before a start. Use of the paper templates to determine the placement is also required. You are required to print or draw the paper version of the desired embroidery design. Mark the desired placement by using the washable fabric pencil which marks the bottom, top, left and right sides of a design on the fabric. brother innov bp2100 embroidery machine

Using the Embroidery Machine

Use a right needle and a right thread because the embroidery machines usually come with the embroidery needle, but ensure it fit with the embroidery needle other than the standard sewing machine needle. Selection of the embroidery thread other than all-purpose thread is required to use. Set up a machine and the thread for both the bobbin and the needle. As with the standard sewing machine where you need to draw a bobbin thread through a bottom of a machine using the needle. janome mc14000 sewing & embroidery machines

Using the Sewing Machine

Sketch a design onto fabric by using the washable fabric pencil which lightly the trace of your design onto the right side of fabric. You are required to attach the embroidery foot and a correct needle to a machine. Attach the special embroidery foot to a sewing machine. You will also need to swap out a standard needle which is little sharper than the normal. Lower feed dogs where the material requires to be free when moving around, therefore you are required to lower the dogs’ feed beneath a needle till they don’t rise out of a machine. brother innov bp1400e embroidery machine

A Look at Sewing Machine Parts, sewing machines

You want to make sure that you perform routine maintenance on your machine. This keeps it in top condition and stays up to date when parts need to be repaired soon. You can clean your device by removing any dust or thread remnants that are in the motor or in the area where the coil is seated. Proper lubrication of the engine keeps the engine running well and prevents overheating or malfunction. janome 7318


There are many websites and distributors who can offer you the parts of sewing machines your machine needs. These may be specialized feet, spools, spools, sleeves or posts. You can also add some of the elements that you need to replace if they break or wear out.


One item that you need to find regularly is the needle. These can break when sewing. Depending on the type of fabric used, you may also need to change the needles. It is recommended that you refill these parts so that you can easily change the needles and continue working if they break during use. Janome DC2015 


Another part that may need replacing is the light bulb. This turns on and gives you the opportunity to see what you are working on. These are often quite specialized and you may need to find a dealer that will supply you with the necessary light bulbs.


Often, you can carry out routine maintenance yourself and replace some of the most basic parts. However, if more complicated repairs are needed or you need to replace some of the internal parts, you may need to return your device for routine maintenance. If you do, there are some things you want to make sure. juki f300


The first is that the mechanic has experience with the machines, and the second is that he uses the right parts. Finally, you may find that your machine has been damaged beyond repair by improper parts.


You can find technicians and spare parts in the telephone book, online or in conversation with the dealer who sold your machine to you. If you shop nearby, you will get the best deals and constantly receive the items you want. You should make sure that you know the specific model number of your machine or the specific parts of the sewing machine you need. janome 2206

Sewing Machines, sewing machines

The sewing machine was first created amid the Industrial Revolution. From that point forward, sewing pieces of clothing has turned out to be less demanding and quicker. Today, a great part of the dress we wear each day is sewn with the assistance of these machines. The material business has detonated with the development of this machine. Today different hardware is accessible in on the web and disconnected stores. These can likewise be utilized in homes to sew weaving, upholstery, and so on. janome 2206


Sorts of sewing machine




All machines used to be mechanical machines, which were a versatile cam. The cam is pushed by a gadget and pulled to make join. These are known to be the slightest costly and can be utilized for different family unit purposes. These can be utilized to make different sorts of join, for example, crisscross and straight fastens. It tends to be done a wide range of essential fix errands, such. Straightforward apparel, sews, crafted works, and so on. These are seldom utilized for huge tasks.  janome hd1000


Electronic Machines


The electronic sewing machine wound up prevalent in 1970. It was basically worked with every one of the highlights of the mechanical machine however requires less work. It is less demanding to utilize the electronic machines. The electronic stapler uses an electrical motivation to make join on the texture.


These are known to be more precise and quicker than normal mechanical machines. With these machines, different dazzling examples and plans can be effectively made. Today, electronic machines are accessible in an assortment of models, including different join examples and weaving designs. This special assortment of robotized machines can be utilized to perform more enthusiastically undertakings, for example, whistling, weaving, and so forth. Janome DC5100 


PC controlled machines


The PC controlled sewing machines are more costly than other machine types, in spite of the fact that they are like electronic machines. The modernized machine incorporates a chip that acknowledges information from the memory card. With such PC controlled machines, any number of examples and plans can be assembled. The required example can be exchanged to the chip by methods for a card. The machine sews the example consequently when the texture is put under the machine. The greater part of these machines additionally incorporate touchscreens to show the examples of the examples to be sewed.




Another choice of sewing machines incorporates the Sergers. The Sergers are additionally alluded to as overlock machines or marrow. These machines basically serve to finish the last subtleties of an undertaking. The machines cut the edges of the outfits, making them look proficient and perfect. With the assistance of scissors and blades, it cleans the lines. Proficient Sergers work with delicate textures like underwear. It is additionally utilized for unadulterated textures. juki mo654de serger

How To Quilt – Stitch In The Ditch Quilting, quilting machines

Just like free motion machine making quilts, this is done from the most notable of the duvet with the pattern of the quilting showing up on the quilt support. janome 8900qcp sewing & quilting machines


You will desire a walking foot machine foot, a pair of quilting hand protection and loads of endurance.


There are a few things that you need to think about before you commence quilting:


Perform you want the knit in the ditch making quilts to stand out or blend in? It is more usual to use a blending color bond for the top, but you might wish to use a color that stands apart on the quilt backing to showcase the quilt design. It is fine to utilize a different coloring thread in the bobbin. juki hzl-dx7 sewing & quilting machines


Before you get started making quilts, just format a certain pattern in the quilt blocks, or even just outline the umbrella block itself?


Look at your stitch length. The norm is 12 stitching per inch, a little longer than everyday stitching stitch length.


Adjust the sewing machine tension. This kind of might is the sole most important factor in helping to obtain good machine quilting results. Because of the thickness of two layers of fabric plus batting, the auto anxiety on your machine is unlikely to give the best results. Make-up a practice block of the three layers used in your quilt and affix a line of sewing. Look at the returning side of this test block. Then you will not like what you observe as the stitching will be too tight, so ease the tension and try again. Keep experimenting until you feel that the look of the stitching on your quilt top and backing are offering the look that you want for your umbrella. accuquilt


Quilting with stitch in the ditch is a marvelous method of quilting in its own right but also a great confidence booster before you attempt free motion machine quilting. creative grids quilting rulers

Choosing The Right Embroidery Sewing Machine, embroidery machines

When you want to do some embroidery, you may want to consider an embroidery sewing machine that can do the job for you. This is especially true if you have a big job to do or if you plan on doing a lot of it. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or starting a business, you need to know your options when it comes to choosing an embroidery sewing machine. janome mc14000 sewing & embroidery machines


There are three types of machine to choose from when purchasing an embroidery sewing machine. These are mechanical, electronic, and computerized. All three have their advantages. Mechanical sewing machines are the same type that has been used for nearly 200 years. This is the type of machine your grandmother used. It is possible to do embroidery with a mechanical machine, although more difficult. There are a limited number of stitches that can be done on a mechanical machine, but if you don't need anything fancy or your budget is tight, this might be the best choice for you. Mechanical types are also good for "sewing purists" who are re-establishing an antique quilt, scarf, blouse, curtains, hand towels, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, or other vintage pieces. brother innov bp3500 embroidery machine


If you have a little more money to play with and/or you need more flexibility in your work, then an electronic embroidery sewing machine may be the best choice for you. This type of machine is lighter, easy to transport, and is easier to operate. It also has more stitch options and various other features that you may not find on a mechanical machine. This makes it a popular choice for many people. Because it is easier to operate, it leaves you free to work on your designs rather than the details of machine operation. brother innov bp1400e embroidery machine


Finally, you have the computerized embroidery sewing machine. This is the most advanced technology when it comes to embroidery sewing machines and there is no wonder as to why. This is a machine that is well worth the investment for someone who is going into business. It is automatic in many ways, from needle threading to actually doing the embroidery. Other automatic functions include mirror-imaging, multiple needle positions, display screen, and over a hundred stitch functions. You can load patterns onto your card and the microprocessor will read these patterns and not only embroider them but create new patterns as well. If you are looking to start an embroidery business, this will be your most flexible equipment option. 


As you can see, it is crucial that you think through the reasons you want an embroidery sewing machine. Consider your needs and your budget before you decide on which type and once you do, then research the different models available until you find one that's right for you. Remember that not all makes and models are going to offer the same features and you need to get the one that suits your needs. Once you have chosen one and brought it home you will have many happy sewing days ahead of you. brother innov bp2100 embroidery machine

Beginner Quilting: Your Essential Guide

So when you get to sewing, you face the colossal task of, well, sewing! However, what turns out to be so hectic may give a result that satiates your thirst for creativity on your cloth. Achieving this feat also has a clause though; one ought to take some measures to ensure that the right patch is woven at the right place and that everything is in place. Quilting Machines

Here are some of the very useful tips that may help you give amazing results with a calm mind.

1. Avoid stretching of the fabric

Fabric, if stretched, may give a bad look to your overall finished material and can reduce the life of your fabric. Hence, to reduce the stretch, it is suggested to spray some fabric starch before cutting them into segments that would prevent stretching of the fabric.

2. Prevent shifting of fabric

Even if you have applied fabric spray to prevent stretching, place sandpaper under the cloth material to prevent it from shifting while marking sewing lines or tracing applique shapes. juki hzl dx5 computerized sewing and quilting machine

3. Visit the local market.

Quilting has been made easier with many tools available in the market for the purpose of patchwork and quilting. Keep a tab on the local quilt shop to stay updated with the latest entries of tools for long arm quilting machines that may make quilting an easier job for you.

4. Clean it where it is.

If you plan on cleaning your quilt, make sure you do it that place it has been kept otherwise it may be exposed to wear and tear. A simple dusting with a vacuum cleaner might be enough to make your quilt bright and shining.

5. Alternate your patch.

During piecing, when you stitch each patch to your quilt, keep in mind to alternate the ends of the patch. This would help contain distortions, a common problem when piecing together patches or strips.

6. Go for cotton.

If you think of quilting, there is not point if the fabric you use is not cotton. A 100% pure cotton fabric works best for patching a long-lasting quilt instead of a fabric that is anything but cotton. Long Arm Quilting Machines

7. Same rule(r) for each quilting session.

Keep it a rule to use the same ruler for each quilting session as rulers differ variably in their measurements as per the brand. The deftness of a long arm quilting machine is of no use if there are measurements of each patch.

Follow these tips for a quilt that would give you a flawless quilt as an end result; something that would make you proud of yourself. Quilting Supplies

Sewing Machine Attachments – Taking Sewing to the Next Level

Sewing is a time honored practice and often attracts new practitioners. Use a sewing machine to piece together an incredible tapestry to put on display. Serious hobbyists and even professionals will find good use out of these important attachments. That can take sewing to the next level when needed the most. The attachments are affordable and easy to install for those who try them. Trust the manufacturer and get started as soon as possible. Sewing Machines


Sewing Machine Attachments - Taking Sewing to the Next Level:


A foot pedal might be the best choice for any sewer. That can adjust the speed of the needle during a sewing exercise. It can even stop the needle when an adjustment needs to be made. Expert sewing enthusiasts can make good use out of the foot pedal as needed. The foot pedal will also free up the hands during the routine. That is popular, since it allows greater dexterity for the work being done. Juki TL Series Metal Bobbins


Universal Circular Attachment:


Neat designs can be sewn in to any fabric set with the machine. A universal circular attachment is meant to make that process much easier. The right attachment will allow a range of unique patterns to be sewn on to the material. The universal circular attachment is a popular addition and has seen use before now. Check compatibility with a specific sewing machine before using it. Janome Memory Craft 6500P Sewing Machine


Binder Attachments:


Simple brackets will allow binder attachments to be put in to place. Better precision and accuracy with sewing projects can be expected. Anyone can install the binder attachments as needed for those that are interested. Brand name binder attachments include Singer and other popular options. Check the price tag and place an order for binder attachments soon. These kits can be mailed and delivered to any location in a country as needed too. Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine